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Lead Management

We are providing Integrated Lead Management Platform consist of Desktop Version for Company Admin. Also, Android & iOS App for Company Employees.

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Startup Funding Assistance

In association with 10000StartupsIndia, StartupsXchange & Doozie Venture Fund, we are providing funding assistance for Startups/ MSMEs.

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Startup Documentation Support

We are providing documentation assistance to Startups, as Professional Pitch Deck & Valuation play a major role for Startups to become fundable.

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Lead Management

Drive more sales with PropTeam Connect effective lead management system

Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation, to scoring, to conversion, PropTeam Connect lead management software ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline.

How we can help you?

  • Identify quality leads from a pool of incoming leads
  • Measure ROI from your online ad spend
  • Nurture promising leads to conversion
  • Engage with leads closely across multiple touch points
  • Analyze and track key information about leads
  • What is lead management?

    Lead management is a systematic process in which incoming leads are qualified, analyzed, and nurtured so that they can be converted into new business opportunities. In a typical sales process, leads from multiple channels enter your lead management system, and the sales-ready leads are converted into deals. You need to have a lead management platform in place if you want to make the most of prospects who are interested in your product or service.

    PropTeam Connect

    PropTeam Connect has been consistently rated as the best lead management solution by both customers and experts. With a comprehensive set of lead management features for businesses of all sizes and types, your sales reps can now convert more leads in less time, and with less effort. From lead generation to conversion and analysis, take a look at some of the popular ways that you can find sales success with PropTeam Connect lead management system.


    What can I achieve with PropTeam Connect?

    Increase your sales team's efficiency by guiding them of the next best step to take:

    Zero lead leakage

    Capture leads from all your channels automatically, manage them intelligently, transfer them to the right teams (and people). Ensure zero lead leakage and zero missed opportunities.

    Quick turnaround

    Automate lead qualification, prioritization, and distribution to relevant people & teams based on advanced lead & agent attributes. Timely contact = higher conversions.

    Flexible workflows

    No-code sales process builder. Sketch the best-possible sales workflows for your different products & teams. The sales processes are dynamic and completely flexible.

    Regimented sales

    Remove all distractions from your sales teams’ day & guide them of the next best step. Spot sales opportunities, and notify the right agent to take action – automatically.

    Workday planning

    Plan the workday of all your customer-facing teams (digital, call center, or field). So, they can concentrate on doing more – thereby increasing their productivity.

    Connected teams

    PropTeam Connect connects all your teams and processes together – multiple processes, distributed teams, and sales touchpoints can all be mapped in one platform.

    Mobile CRM

    With PropTeam Connect, your salespeople can do everything on-the-go – their tasks, document upload, lead transfer – while you live-track them from miles away.

    Complete reports

    Custom dashboards and 100s of default reports measuring everything important to you – campaign performance, agent productivity, or revenue metrics.

    Real-time sales tracking

    Get higher sales productivity from all your teams

    Conversation Tracking

    Keep a track of work done by your team.

    Pipeline Reports

    Track the number of leads in each stage of the pipeline for your teams and reps.

    Field Meetings

    A real-time metric on the meetings your field agents have every day.

    Sales Closure Reports

    Keep a tab on all the deals your reps have closed against their commitment.

    Activities Vs Revenue

    Track the revenue contributed by each rep and shortfalls vs. the activities performed.

    Sales Execution CRM

    Increase sales velocity, productivity & closures. Help your salespeople focus on just the next task.

    Field Force Automation

    Boost the efficiency of all your field teams – sales, vendor onboarding, verification, and more.

    Marketing Automation

    Push your leads faster down the sales funnel and build meaningful prospect relationships.

    What can you do with next-gen marketing automation

    Understand your prospects, build lasting relationships & increase your ROI

    Understand intent

    With 360-degree user profile, behavior, activity + social tracking and more.

    Spot signals

    Identify a user’s intent to buy with tracking and trigger engagement actions.

    Measure performance

    Get prescriptive insights across lead sources, engagement campaigns, user journeys and more.

    Connect your systems

    A single front-end for all your marketing, lead capture, engagement and conversion activities.

    Communicate effectively with your prospects & customers

    Track each move your prospects make

    Track every action your prospects take and every conversation they have with your team –the campaigns they interact with (email, text, social or PPC), the phone conversations they have with your teams and everything else in between.

    Segment your lists intelligently for targeted communication

    Segregate your leads based on their demographic profiles, activities, interests, products interested in, or any other variables important to you. You can also perform custom list actions, like sending all the leads in one list to a call center application.

    Tight integration with your front-end sales operations

    Sales, marketing, call centers, services and beyond - everything is completely connected

    Capture leads

    Reduce lead leakage to zero with landing pages, connectors, APIs and more.

    Track Inquiry Channels

    Identify the most effective lead generation channels for new application inquiries.

    Automate Application Lifecycle

    Connect all the teams and processes involved through the application lifecycle.

    Reduce Team Efforts

    Initiate call center, sales, or support intervention only when needed via tracking.

    Build Custom Dashboards

    Customized, hierarchy-based dashboards for your teams to reduce efforts.

    Get Complete Analytics

    Track the effectiveness of your processes, teams, salespeople, products, and more.

    Challenges with lack of lead management

    Manually hunting for leads, updating your database, typing out emails, and following up can get exhausting, especially if you are looking to expand your business. Without an efficient lead management system, you will find it hard to identify lead leakage.

    Lack of visibility into leads

    Customers often have poor experiences because sales and marketing teams cannot view customers as a total of their touchpoints.

    Manual lead qualification

    Your team doesn't have a process or methodology like ranks and scores to qualify and unqualify leads, thereby losing productivity.

    • No insight into lead’s activities

    You aren’t tracking the prospect’s activities on your website, product, and email; losing your potential buyers.

    Difficult to convert leads

    Your sales and marketing teams miss follow-ups, send delayed responses to queries, and test prospects' patience.

    Lack of lead nurturing

    Your team does not understand the prospects' requirements and hence are unable to send timely emails and build lasting relationships.

    Duplicate leads

    Your CRM or spreadsheet is filled with duplicate lead entries, which might result in essential leads slipping through the cracks.

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